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Deep Tissue - Massage using elbows and or thumbs to massage deep into the layers of muscles.  Recommended for  individuals who's bodies are use to massages regularly and have no particular pain or issues.  This does not address chronic specific pain, issues or injuries.
Bodywork is for specific chronic problem areas or injuries.  Various modalities(sports, swedish, deep tissue) and techniques used (stretching, compression, triggerpoint, active resistive and positional release techniques or etc).
Monthly Clients
60 min/$50
(reg $65)

60 Min/$65
45 Min/$50

60 Min Bodywork & Massage/$75
Call 575-405-8667
Evaluation w/ minimum 1 - 3 treatments in succession within 10-14
If there is no significant improvement then condition is out of my scope to treat.  Generally pain should be reduced with 1st treatment.  This is good indication that a 2nd to 3rd treatment would be beneficial to clear up constant pain
(completely or at least for a long duration of time)
There is much much more to massage than relaxation....experience Bodywork for pain and injuries.

Ask for a Psoas Treatment:
Difficulty turning over in bed
Experiencing pain getting from a sitting to a standing position.
Chronic lower back pain
If you have been prescribed rest, muscle relaxers and pain pills for lower back issues
Unable to sit for long period of times
Feel like you are unable to stand up straight

Ask for a Rotator Cuff Treatment
Difficulty raising arm above head
Limited arm range of motion
Difficulty putting on coat or shirt
Difficulty putting on bra (hooking)
If you have been prescribed rest, muscle relaxers and pain pills for shoulder pain

Ask for a Neck Treatment
Numbness/tingling in arm or hands
Chronic headaches especially at end of the day (daily, weekly or monthly)
Unable to turn neck in either direction
Pain between shoulder blades
Upper back pain
If you have been diagnosed with whiplash

Ask for Calf Treatment
Plantar fascitis
Pain in feet
Pain in knees
Swedish - Massage for relaxation of mind and sooth tired/sore muscles.  This will not address tight muscles that are causing pain.
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Need help getting started? Let me introduce you to fastereft.  I use basic techniques in my bodywork treatments