RELAX @  HOME Massage &
Swedish Massage for general relaxation purposes of mind.  Eases minor tension in muscles. Light to heavy pressure used.  Least effective for chronic pains and injuries.
Deep Tissue - Massage using elbows and or thumbs to massage deep into the layers of muscles.  Recommended for  individuals who's bodies are use to massages regularly and have no particular pain or issues.  This does not address chronic specific pain, issues or injuries.
Bodywork is for specific chronic problem areas or injuries.  Various modalities(sports, swedish, deep tissue) and techniques used (stretching, compression, triggerpoint, active resistive and positional release techniques or etc)..
Monthly Clients
60 min/$50
(reg $65)
90 min/$65
(reg $90)
60 Min/$65
45 Min/$50

60 Min Bodywork & Massage/$75
Month of September
Add 30 Minutes FREE
60 min Swedish / $65
Call 575-405-8667
Call 575-405-8667
Call 575-405-8667